10 Liter Fused-Flavored EVOO


Fresh ‘Fused’ Flavors
First Cold-Pressed
Never ‘Infused’
California Grown
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We’ve perfected the art of crafting award-winning flavored olive oils. We take only the ripest fruits and freshest herbs, and gently cold press them with our just-harvested olives, resulting in a delectable “fresh flavored” fusion of tastes that is simply mouth-watering.

Did you know all flavored oils are not created equal? Other flavored oils often use heat-infusion, instead of our unique “cold-press” process. The difference in flavor is beyond expectations! Savor our sun-sational gourmet “fresh flavored” olive oils for dipping, drizzling, marinades, cooking and baking.

New Bag-in-Box Technology

Making Our Award-Winning Products Even Better! At Sciabica’s, part of our ongoing mission is to look for ways to do things better. Whether it’s leveraging new technologies to enhance our product or exploring ways to further reduce our environmental impact, we are dedicated to quality throughout our company. After an extensive evaluation, we have chosen to embrace the superior “Bag in Box” technology. This time-tested packaging extends shelf life, preserves quality, dispenses reliably and is environmentally conscious.

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Weight 25 lbs