Olio Nuovo & Limited

Olio Nuovo & Limited Release

OLIO NUOVO: Cold off the presses! Experience the difference fresh makes. Dubbed “Olio Nuovo” in Italy, the “New Oil” has a distinct fresh flavor. With the Fall Pressing having a deep green color, delectable grassy character, and a ‘pizzicante’ finish. The Spring Pressing will offer the most delicately sweet fruitiness of any EVOO on the market. Best enjoyed 3-4 months after harvest date.

LIMITED RELEASE: Olive oil is our passion! That means we’re always trying new things – like a new olive variety or flavored olive oil. We also produce some varieties (like Manzanillo) in very limited quantities. At the end of the day, some stick around, some we release seasonally and some we only produce the one time. Grab ’em while they’re available!

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