No Dark Glass?

The ‘Dark Bottle Myth’

Here at Sciabica’s we take quality seriously, so why are we still using clear glass?

There a three real enemies of olive oil: Oxygen, Heat and UV Light. The “visible color” of glass has nothing to do with its ability to block UV light. Take your car’s windshield for example – it’s perfectly clear but blocks nearly 100% of UV light (that’s why the dashboards on modern cars no longer fade).

Unfortunately, neither clear nor dark glass does a good job blocking UV light. It’s true that dark glass is slightly better in some cases, but it’s still not very good. Fortunately, the label is great at blocking UV light! That’s why we use the largest labels possible. Also, ordering direct means that the bottle sits in a dark case until the moment you order and not on a store shelf for who-knows-how-long.

The real reason we stick to clear bottles is so that we (and our wonderful customers) can see the color of the olive oil. It’s possible, just by looking at a bottle, to determine if it has been exposed to too much UV light. For this reason, we prefer to sell to local shops. We have our own delivery trucks and stock the shelves ourselves and replace any ‘off-color’ bottles. For dark glass, that’s not possible. In fact, our founder, Joseph ‘Nick’ Sciabica always said: “dark glass is a good way to hide bad oil”.

Order with confidence – our olive oil is fresh :). Of course, when you receive your bottle, it’s best to keep it a dark cupboard (also true for dark glass).

If you’re really concerned, research shows that glass is not the best package for olive oil, and that a Bag-in-Box is far superior. It blocks 100% of UV light and oxygen – even after you open it! Just keep it at room temp and your set. Learn more here:

  Clear/Dark Bottles Tin Cans Bag-in-Box
Protects from UV light No Yes Yes
Protects from Oxidation No No Yes
Recomended use after opening 3 months 3 months 6 months
Reduces CO2 emmisions No No Yes