Loyalty Bonus

Thank you for your support!

As a family, the Sciabica’s understand that you have many choices when it comes to the food that you feed your family. Since 1936 we have worked hard to provide you with the best olive oil in the world – in return, you have given us your loyal support!

As a thank you for choosing our family again and again, we have created a ‘Loyalty Bonus”. You don’t need to sign up, you just get rewarded for your orders, every time you order. Keep in mind that once you create an account, your bonus is tied to that account, which is tied to your email address. If you need to change your email address, use the “edit account” page. If you have any trouble changing your email address, or accessing your account, submit a request for help here.


After your 10th order, you’ll receive 5% off every order, for life!*


After your 25th order, you’ll receive 10% off every order!*


After your 50th order, you’ll receive 15% off every order!*


*Loyalty Bonus may be reduced or removed from already discounted items.