Jalapeño Olive Oil

Butterless Corn 3 Ways

July 1, 2019
Serves 3 people
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This super-simple recipe is always a hit! Take the “better than butter challenge” AND give your guests a choice, buttery, spicy or zesty – our buttery Mission Spring, spicy Jalapeño, and zesty Garlic Olive Oils will put smiles on faces.

Kielbasa Hash

April 15, 2016
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Serves 4-6 People
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Inspired by our Oven-Fried Potato recipe, Craig from our Customer Happiness Team kicked it up a notch with this mouth-watering meal. The sweetness of colorful peppers and the deep, zesty flavor of kielbasa are rounded out with a touch of heat from our Jalapeño Olive Oil.

This dish tastes great with chicken, turkey, pork or beef kielbasa and is awesome for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Craig used Marsala EVOO (you can use your favorite varietal) and Jalapeño EVOO.