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Cilantro is Back!

I’m proud to announce that Cilantro Olive Oil is back again for another summer release! Get it while it’s available. We target June-August availability but keep in mind, it’s a true “limited release” so we could run out a bit sooner, but in past years we’ve been able to ship well into September.

Why Cilantro? I’m often asked how we choose the flavors we make. It usually starts with a suggestion, but I’m always thinking about recipes, so if someone gives me a recommendation, I always reply, “give me 3 good recipes first”. Cilantro is no exception and as a California native, Hispanic food has always been a solid part of my diet, making recipes with Cilantro easy to come by.  My first thought was guacamole, followed by a meat marinade.

The other question I get is, “why can’t I get it all the time?”.  Some flavors are more popular than others.  Cilantro, while in my opinion delicious, is a somewhat of a polarizing flavor.  Many people love it, but many have the opposite opinion.  That means we have a very loyal, but niche following for our Cilantro Olive Oil.  It’s best as a Limited Release 😉

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