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by the Sciabica Family
Enjoy 100% Natural Goodness – Sciabica’s is proud to say that our olive oils and vinegars have no artificial flavorings, colors or additives, are 100% GMO-free, and are sustainably farmed ~ which is why they taste so great! Since 1936, we’ve been cold pressing olive oil in California. That makes us by far the oldest producer in the US! My great-grandfather, Nicola and my grandfather, Joseph, began with the artisan knowledge of olive oil production Nicola learned in Marsala, Sicily as a young man. This knowledge has been passed on for four generations. Today we carry on our family tradition of making the highest quality 100% Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil available anywhere.

– Jonathan Sciabica

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What do our customers think?

Lemon Olive Oil
No matter what else i order, i ALWAYS order the lemon oil. i even eat it on ramen noodles 🙂 it makes anything delicious!

Jalapeño Olive Oil
I cannot rave about this olive oil enough… I use it in EVERYTHING – Pasta, eggs, grilled cheese etc… it makes everything taste so much better! Flavorful but not overpowering.

Marsala 1.5L Bag-in-Box
Unbeatable for everyday use… excellent flavor, reasonable price… And let’s not forget the incredibly convenient container. It takes up next to no space on the shelf, it’s short enough to fit onto even pretty low cabinets, the opening allows for precise drizzling, and the oil doesn’t dribble down the side like with a bottle.

Basil Olive Oil
Purchased our first bottle of their basil olive oil at a farmers market and finished the bottle in just over a week. We were putting it on everything. It really is delicious.